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How can I remove a member from my family?

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2012 03:21PM CEST
Each family member can delete his own account. Only an administrator can remove other members. However, he cannot delete the family founder’s account.

The deletion capability is available:
  • On mobile application, from “My Family” menu, open the profile of the member you would like to remove. On Android, the delete action is available on the header bar. On iPhone you have to edit the profile to be able to access the delete action.
  • From Web, open the « Family settings » screen by clicking on your name on the top right section. The delete feature is available by editing the profile you would like to remove.
If a family founder want to leave a family (remove his account) that has other members, there should be at least another administrator member who will inherit from family founder’s right and will become the new family founder.

Family founder has then to elect a new administrator before being able to leave his family. Account deletion is permanent and all related data will be definitely removed

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